Deer Lake has not only a historical and fascinating past but a bright and vibrant future. The Council has moved ahead with infrastructure improvements to make the Borough a more comfortable and secure place to reside and do business. This community has always prided ourselves in our “small town” feel and close neighborhood ties which have resulted in our being noted as Pennsylvania’s 7th best small town to live in.
(We’re working on number 1)!

Extensive upgrades have begun to the grove and lakeside facilities allowing for more use of well-maintained walking trails, pedestrian amenities and the return of the arts to the grove. No less important, Council is also working to restore and upgrade the various athletic facilities to make local use of basketball, baseball, and tennis courts readily accessible. The Lake surround has exercise stations and a walking trail that will be second to none.

The Borough was founded as a summer stock community and many famous performers appeared here during the Vaudeville era. As we move to return to our roots, plans include art and wine festivals by public groups, summer in the park’s series, concerts, Broadway and theatrical performances.

It is an exciting time to live here and as we move ahead things can only get better. The best part is everyone can be involved.

Just stop by a meeting and say “Hi”.