November 14, 2023
-Begin recording 
-Call to order  / All Rise
-Pledge to the Allegiance /  Moment of Silence / Roll Call
-Approval of Minutes & Treasurer’s report 
-Receipts & Disbursements review
-Correspondence / Notices 
– Atty Chris Comments / Observations/  Report ; 
-Engineer Ty / Reports, request, comments;

 , L&I / UCC officer 
– Nick Hazlett  “Code Enforcement Officer:

 Zoning  permits, Inspections ,
 Report / Ordinances / Violations / Enforcement actions / comments;
 -Old Business;   Christmas Tree request/
-New Business;   Web Review Steve/ Eagle boy scout project Brian/ 
-Maintenance & Repairs:    Mayor Larry/ final road repairs /trees /
-On-going projects   Mayor Larry
Current small project invoices, Update if any grant requests are approved/denied. 
Atty Croswells letter to Cwadl concerning options to the Cwadl Board Chuck T. Jim B. 
Guest Request to speak;
    – Comments / Observations;
Committee reports: Laura 

Kids Christmas party, House decorating contest, newsletter update, Grove update, Grants/

-DL&WBT Fire Co.
-Blue Mt. Recreation
-Deer Lake Recreation
-Community Days 2023 
-Web page info/ social media/ newsletter
Authorization to pay approved invoices 
Adjournment 🔨Time               End recording