-Call to order  / All Rise
-Pledge to the Allegiance 
-Tribute to Commander James J. Haffey Jr., Moment of Silence
-Roll Call
-Approval of Minutes & Treasurer’s report 
-Receipts & Disbursements review
-Correspondence / Notices
-Engineer Ty / Report, request, comments; 
– Atty Chris Comments / Observations/Report ; Audit confirmation $$$  resolution
Reeser Property / Zoning appeal, Wayne/
– Nick Hazlett  Code enforcement Officer Report/ comments;
 Ordinances, Zoning & Bldg. Violations/ Enforcement
-Ralph Hummel  Lehigh /  Report Comments; 
 Zoning  permits, Inspections, L&I / UCC officer 
-Old Business;  “Jake brake” request Rt 61  office set up and move secretary files 
-New Business; Mtn Road?   Fireworks Insurance “Joe T.” Boro coverage
-Maintenance & Repairs: 

-Ongoing projects   Maple blvd stormwater project / Stone Stan L.)

Guest Request to speak;

    – Comments / Observations; 

Committee Reports :   Steve 

 Initial committee report on utilizing tech for the borough

“Seasonal Reports”
-DL&WBT Fire Co.
-Blue Mt. Recreation  / Start Date?
-Deer Lake Recreation / Laura updates Shed/  prep site/ Grove Committee / Summer activities 
-Community Days 2023 / Movie night June 2nd
-Web page info/ social media/ newsletter  / next newsletter?? info request
Authorization to pay bills    Adjournment