-Begin recording 
-Call to order  / All Rise
-Pledge to the Allegiance /  Moment of Silence
-Roll Call
-Approval of Minutes & Treasurer’s report 
-Receipts & Disbursements
-Correspondence / Notices 
-Engineer Ty / Report, request, comments;  Macklin Penndot bridge letter, Guers meeting,
– Atty Chris Comments / Observations/Response discuss/decide the request of Aqua for conveyance of the well parcel.   –Reeser property, 200 Willow Zakharevich property
Judicial sale / CWADL bylaws/ appraisal on well house property pending
-Nick Hazlett  Code enforcement Officer Report ,request, comments; 
   Ordinances, Zoning  &  Bldg. Violations/ Enforcement -Spreadsheet 
-Old Business; / Pine Blvd 100 block drainage completion of a year old project / 
Lysek Drain 200 block lakefront  as described in picture email / 
baseball sheds moved to new location/ Boro bldg shed ready for design and cost approval  /Dirt &Gravel grant 2024/  Bridge Joe – Meuser  
-New Business; Covid Funded Project  Larry-
There are three separate projects under Covid funding,
– painting and fall protection on all fences at the ballfield,playground and tennis courts
-Construction of basketball/pickleball courts at the former tennis court location.
– New lighting/electrical at the playground/basketball courts..
-Recreation products timely order and purchase of supplies
 We will need to have an executive session to discuss details on the project before council approves this timely matter tonight
-Maintenance & Repairs: -trash rack, -other various repairs as per Mayor Larry
-On ongoing projects 
-Guest Request to speak;
    – Comments / Observations
Laura report- Benches / Grove clean up report, Grove Committee meeting 5/9, Community Day 9/14 update, Shed quotes.
“Seasonal Reports”
-Blue Mt. Recreation       –Deer Lake Recreation   Playground was inspected and the only problem noted was weeds and grass growing near the baby swings and suggested that we increase the insurance for playground equipment from $4,000.00 to $10,000.00.
 Also questioned what would be done with the old tennis court …Sallie made him aware of the Covid rehab project plans underway this spring.       
-DL&WBT Fire Co .      – Web page / social media newsletter
Authorization to pay bills
Adjournment 🔨Time               End recording